Airport CITIES 2016


Masterclass I: Foundations of Airport City and Aerotropolis Development

This masterclass provides fundamental explanations of the airport city and aerotropolis models including their economic drivers, key commercial and industrial components, multimodal transportation, and their value propositions for businesses, metropolitan regions, and governments. Specific illustrations of airport city and aerotropolis development around the world are presented and discussed to help attendees gain a solid understanding of their features, current status, and future prospects.

Masterclass II: Intermediate/Advanced Issues

The second masterclass is targeted to those who have attended previous airport city conferences or have experienced with airport city and aerotropolis development. It is also intended for those who attended the Foundations class who wish to deepen their understanding of key development issues. Focus is on business, investment, and planning issues for the successful development of airport cities and aerotropolises. What are investors, commercial real estate developers, and end-users looking for and how can airport city and aerotropolises attract them?

Masterclass Leader: Professor John D. Kasarda

Professor Kasarda is the leading developer of the aerotropolis concept defining the roles of aviation and airports in shaping 21st Century business location, economic development, and urban growth. He directs the Center for Air Commerce at the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School and is President of the Aerotropolis Institute in Zhengzhou.

Dr Kasarda is also the author of over 150 articles and 11 books. He regularly consults with airports and governments around the world on airport city and aerotropolis development and is Director of Centre for Air Commerce of University of North Carolina (USA) and President of Aerotropolis Institute in Zhengzhou.

Click here for his interview.




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