Airport CITIES 2016

Social Activities

Route 1
Xiaoyushan Hill
Tuesday 15 November Xiaoyushan Hill is located at the crossroads of Yushan Road and Fushan Road in Shinan District. Facing Huiquan Bay in the south, backed by Baguan Hill in the north, the park is built on a 60-meter-high hill with an area of 25,000 m2. With the theme of ocean and fish, the natural landscape, pavilions, and terraces are well arranged to complement each other. On the top of the hill stands Guan Chao Ge (Wave Viewing Pavilion), a 3 storey octagonal pavilion from which one can see the Hui Lan Ge (Returned Wave Pavilion) on the Zhanqiao Pier in distance. There are spiral staircases inside the pavilion and an overlook terrace at the outside where people can enjoy the unique view of blue sea against azure sky and red roofs among green trees.

The Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center
Tuesday 15 November The Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, is a landmark attraction of Qingdao located on the shore of the Fushan Bay and right next to the May Fourth Square. It covers a land area of about 45 hectares and was the venue of the sailing competitions of the 29th Beijing Olympics and Paralympics in 2008. The Olympic Sailing Center is nestled between the sea and the mountain and is the only national coastal tourism and leisure demonstration area of China. Since Qingdao is known as the “Sailing City” of China, the Sailing Center as a landmark of Qingdao shows the most distinctive features of the city and is a must-go place for travelers.

Route 2
The Museum of the Residence of the Former German Governor in Qingdao
Tuesday 15 November
The Museum of the Residence of the Former German Governor in Qingdao is at No.26 Longshan Road, right at the foot of the picturesque Signal Hill Park of Qingdao and facing the Ocean University of China and the Catholic Church in distance. It has a prominent location and an elegant environment. The site was the official residence of the Former German Governor in Kiautschou Bay (Qingdao), hence the name Governor’s Residence. It is a typical classic European building combining the style of the Wilhelm Era and Jugendstil. The internal decoration is elegant and magnificent with a strong atmosphere of European aristocracy. There is also a precious collection of treasures from different countries in the museum.

Tsingtao Beer Museum
Tuesday 15 November
Tsingtao Beer Museum is the only beer museum in China. The museum is housed in the old Tsingtao Brewery with a history of over 100 years. It shows the history of Tsingtao Beer and the beer industry of China through explanation of the evolution of production techniques of Tsingtao Beer. It introduces history and culture, production process and techniques, and offers entertainment, shopping, beer tasting, and dining. One will find a tour to the museum informative, interactive, and entertaining. It embodies the cultural concepts that reflect global vision and national characteristics with retrospect on history and connection with life.

Welcome Reception
Tuesday 15 November
The welcome reception will be held at the Grand Ballroom at the first level of Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao and it will be an ideal platform for attendees to get to know one another before the commencement of the conference the next day.

Gala Dinner
Wednesday 16 November
Hosted by Qingdao International Airport Group Co., Ltd (QIAG) & UBM, attendees will be able to continue to network with fellow industry professionals over drinks and dinner. There will be a variety of performances such as local traditional folk songs and dancings.

The Organisation reserves the rights to modify the route under unexpected circumstances such as weather conditions, traffic or accidents.




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