Airport CITIES 2016

The 15th Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition.

The global airport cities community gathered today in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, for the 15thannual Airport Cities event, ACE 2016.

On a clear, fresh, sunny morning the day began with delegates having to make the difficult choice between two very different tours of this unique city.

Route 1 - Xiaoyushan Hill and the Olympic Sailing Centre.
Our first port of call is Xiaoyushan Hill providing panoramic views over the historic villas of the old town where the architectural influence of the German settlers is still evident for all to see. The world renowned Tsingtao Brewery is also located in this area.
On to the Olympic Sailing Village where the group boarded our luxurious, twin hulled catamaran. Sailing along the coast provided a very informative image of the city and the way it developed and grown, successful relocating its central business district in the early 1990’s. The new high-rise buildings contrast vividly with the old villas and luxury resort areas that share this beautiful coast line.

Route 2 – Museum of the Residence of the German Governor and Tsingtao Beer Museum
Our second group set off to the Museum of the Residence of the Former German Governor in Qingdao, a magnificent building in European style. A lasting and poignant reminder of the time that this part of China was under the control of German settlers.
Then, the visit to Tsingdao Beer Museums gives them a wonderful experience with the unique beer culture in Qingdao. A fact celebrated with a unique beer festival taking place every August.

Prof. Kasarda’s Master Class
Since the first Airport Cities event in 2002 Professor John D. Kasarda has been delivering his Masterclass sessions to educate and enthuse our global community. Over the years the demand for these sessions has remained consistently strong, never more so than here in Qingdao. A packed room of around 200 delegates listened intently to both the Foundations and Advanced Sessions.

The Foundations Session covers thefundamental explanation of the airport city and aerotropolis models. Combining specific illustration with case studies, it particularly helps those attendees who have not experienced the conference before to gain a solid understanding of the business model, current status, and future prospects, preparing them for the intermediate/advanced sessionand the following conference.
进阶课程/The Intermediate/Advanced Session takes the content and discussion to new level of detailed explanation and practical case studies from the real-world. Prof. Kasarda emphasizes the need to understand the relationship between the airlines, airports and investors. More importantly, there is the over arching requirement to integrate airport, urban and business site planning to achieve the optimal outcome, a process he refers to as the‘Golden Ring’ of strategic planning.

Professor Kasarda emphasizes the importance of developing a strategic road map that delivers value for all the stakeholders. This strategic map needs to be based on sound research of all the key variables that contribute to a regions economic development and sustainable prosperity.
To round off the days proceedings our guests enjoy a lavish welcome reception held in the magnificent Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel.Christine Guan, General Manager and Event Director, UBM makes the welcome speech. The reception brings all the attendees together in an open and relaxedatmosphere, generating new opportunities for bothlong-term friendship and professional cooperation. A fitting end to a very enjoyable first day for all concerned.