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Revealed: Malaga’s 3.8 million sq m aerotropolis

04 Dec 2013 20:05
Author:  Niki May Young
Revealed: Malaga’s 3.8 million sq m aerotropolis

Designs for a 3.8 million sq m aerotropolis development, which would turn Malaga Airport into a technology and logistics hub, have been revealed. 

Shared with GlobalAirportCities.com, a newly-created visualization shows the 1.7 million sq m of industrial and tertiary space, one million sq ft of office space and over one million sq m of parks and green space in the Airport City Alhaurin de la Torre (AGP Airport City) development.

Industrial, commercial, leisure and retail space will be linked via an internal shuttle system, connected to the airport and further afield by rail, highways and a port.

A holding company called the Center for Integrated Services for Airport Development and Strategic Impulse (CSI-IDEA) is spearheading the project which, they say, will contribute 4 percent of Andalucia’s economy whilst providing 25,000 direct and 80,000 indirect jobs.

Malaga Airport City

Development has already begun in the vast district with headquarters for the project currently under construction, though progress is slow due to political inertia.

In May 2013 the Mayor of Alhaurin de la Torre, called for cross-party support for the initiative which, he said, would generate jobs and wealth for the entire metropolitan area of Malaga. He called the regional government’s stalling on the development “incomprehensible”. Environmental concerns for the placement of native birds are preventing a united front from the government. Limited plans were first revealed in 2005 as part of a General Urban Plan approved by the government, but plans were halted in 2010 after an environmental inspection.

But the project continues to receive interest, with Arab businessman Khalid Ahmed Al Darwish, agreeing earlier this year to mediate with potential investors in the Middle East.

The proponents believe the development would turn Malaga Airport (AGP) into the hub for travel to Euroasia, Africa and America and generate 240 million Euros for the local economy.

Malaga Airport City

See the visualization here:


Malaga Airport City